Wild Olive Trees get Pruned?!

(Mashinkah Bahston) #1

Psalm 52.8. We are the LORD’s Olive Trees. He makes us Oaks of Righteousness. He grows fruit on our boughs for others to feast on. He makes us like Palm Trees bending to the typhoon and not snapping. Damaged, dying branches cut off or we might need to be dug out losing roots to be replanted for flourishing.

It is hard though to watch others in their fallen states get recognition not warranted or riches serving mammon; while we are embroiled under unplanned pruning, correction again and again; the refining of the LORD.

I trust in the LOVINGKINDNESS of God forever and forever, (v.8.) YAHWEH, Hashem, is FAITHFUL…To Job, Ruth, Naomi, and to the Jewish girl stolen to be a servant to Naaman, 2 Kings 5. She was obedient and wasn’t bitter while she was a servant to Naaman’s wife, since she looked out for her family’s good. She knew the God of Abraham and God’s mighty acts through Elisha. She stated, "I wish that my master were with the prophet… referring to Elisha, “he would cure him…” v.2. Naaman was a leader, knew everything, but was broken by Leprosy. He went to see the King and Elisha. He was resistant, but then submitted to the prophet’s directional cure. He had disdain for the stupidity of the request. How could bathing in the Jordan River 7 times heal him, he thought. His God-fearing servants exhorted him to do so. Obviously more Believer servants. I am sure they didn’t want to be slaves of a godless master.

Just like us today, we might be working or studying hard for a teacher who does even recognize our work. Salvation is a joke for them. — But God has to get first place in US ALWAYS, when we’re living through HELL and it’s easy.

The Bible tells us, we are children of an eternal ABBA Father. No correction feels good at the time. But just like our earthly parents, they put in the effort to lead, train, and make us better. God is a faithful Father. His Son came here to take intense suffering. The HOLY SPIRIT leads us sometimes through dead ends, suffering, humiliations, pain, abuse, demotions, and then healings to life. Sure He supplies our needs, talents, strength, joy,.and life; and repairs us with His lovingkindess. He pulls out the weeds lurking in our hearts. Cleanses us. Throws out the gravel in our lives. He makes us good soil. His planting. He makes us Trees of Righeousness. His planting, who become bountiful. — Remember, He is relentless, and works on us till the end. He doesn’t give up. His lovingkindess is everlasting. His mercy has no end. He is LOVE. He is GOOD. He knows you by Name.