Will heaven really be covered with gold and gems? Also, how will we recognize our spouses in heaven?

Good day Jacob, I like your video on ‘heaven and hell’. Is heaven as described in Revelation? “Gold and gems etc.”?

Second question: At funerals it is often said that the deceased has now joined their husband/wife in heaven. If we are spirit, how will we reconise each other?
Thank you

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Hi Billbrand,

Your question is indeed an interesting one. Revelation is a very tricky book to interpret. It is a revelatory, apocalyptic and prophetic all rolled into one. There is good evidence though to show that the description of heaven is allegorical rather than literal. It is immensely difficult to describe a world beyond within the language of the world we live in. The only way to do this is poetically and by using imagery which we are familiar with.

In terms of recognising people when we are in heaven? Well that is a question that will be satisfactorily answered only on the other side of eternity. We also note though that we are not just our physical bodies, our identity is not just based on our bodies- which is to say that our identity will not disappear with our physical bodies. But would we be able to recognise each other? We can take some good guesses based on what the Lord Jesus Christ said. In Matthew 8:11 Jesus says, “Many will come from the East and west and recline with Abraham, Issac and Jacob”. Even though these verses are not to be taken downright literally there seems to be evidence of some type of recognition.