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Will the family of all Christians be saved?

In Acts 16, when Paul and Silas were in prison, the guard asked them what he must do to be saved (verse 28). Paul and Silas answered “…believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household” (Acts 16:31).

Does this mean we can claim the promise that once we are saved, our whole family would also be saved?


Hello @imanname

Thank you so much for this incredible question.
I give this questions a thought a lot in my life, as I continuously praying for the salvation of my family.

I would like to share my study on this verse in particular.

First, I would like to remind and encourage you at the same time, that when we truly accepted Jesus as our LORD and Savior, it is inevitable to share the truth of the gospel to those who have not heard it.

The verse says, “you will be saved - you and your household” does not mean when we are saved, our family will automatically been saved too. It means that we are the gateway in order for the gospel to come into our household, so those people in our family would hear and accept Jesus in their life too.

I know it could be a little bit discouraging, but it is one of the commandments of Jesus, “to preach the gospel.”

Second, why we need to share it? Because in Romans, the Apostle Paul also says that “faith comes from hearing the word of God.” Meaning, when we share the gospel to our family, it is where faith starts to spark. And the book of Romans tells us that “if we confess that Jesus is LORD, we will be saved.”

To summarize this point, our family is not automatically been saved when we are saved. But we are the instrument of God to share them the gospel, and just like us, our family needs to hear the gospel, have faith, and confess it to Jesus, that is the way we and our family will be saved.

I hope these responses help you.


Hi @domingoosabel! Thanks I appreciate your reply and insights :blush: yes I do agree that our faith in God is not credited to others and that we are the ones God can use to share the gospel to them. However I’m wondering if we’ve done that (we shared the gospel), does it guarantee that they will be saved at some point in their lives?


Thank you so much for appreciation @imanname

When someone heard the truth of the gospel, and their faith start to sparks, and they truly surrender their lived to Jesus. The Bible says, “the judge of all the earth shall do which is right.”

It is acceptable to be hopeful when our family heard the truth of the gospel to be saved, but most importantly, we need to place our faith more to God and to His Spirit that He will do that which is right.


Greetings Anna,

This is a question that must draw believers to a want -to-know answer. I personally have witnessed to my mother, sister, father, friends, aunts and uncles and workmates. And as a believer since 1997, I have seen few of them become faithful followers of Christ. I have seen a good number of others come to saving faith, and myself having played an instrumental role in that. But my own family, not so. But, this does not overwhelm me. Even though this is discouraging, I know, as domingoosable has pointed out, we are instruments chosen by God to reach them. God saves them, we make disciples.

I believe that the Acts 16 passage is specifically about who would believe. Notice that the four times the whole household is mentioned, that same household did something the same as the jailer. “Believe in the Lord Jesus”, and “they spoke the word of the Lord to…” (they all heard the gospel), and “immediately he was baptized, he and his household”, and “rejoiced greatly, having believed in God with his whole household”.

Belief in Jesus as Lord, accepting the truth about our sin and need for salvation through Christ’s sacrifice, all that is part of getting saved. Just because we might become a believer, that will not determine that our families will get saved. However, we become the fixed gospel on display in every person in our influence. We only have to live what we believe and every unbeliever in our family, friends, workmates and schools, neighbourhoods and influence, if we are living Jesus out, they will have every reason possible to want to know the God of saving grace.

I never give up hope on my unbelieving family. I sense God is wanting my passion for their salvation to make me a more sincere follower of Him. Until He takes the breath of life from them, I will continue to pray believing that one day, they will embrace salvation. And if they do, I will know it. Because where God’s Spirit is working, so there also will be the fruit of His presence.

Hope this helps.

Ken :canada:

“They said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” And they spoke the word of the Lord to him together with all who were in his house. And he took them that very hour of the night and washed their wounds, and immediately he was baptized, he and all his household .And he brought them into his house and set food before them, and rejoiced greatly, having believed in God with his whole household.” Acts 16:31-34 NASB


@imanname, I love your heart. It is wonderful that you love your family so much that you long to see them in eternity. I feel the same way about mine. I am very fortunate to have grown up in a Christian household, but not all of my siblings appear to be following Christ. Some are. I pray for them.

Imagine, now, how God feels when those who he loved so much that he died for them do not all accept this gift.

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Dear domingoosabel,

My brother was the first who came to Christ and shortly thereafter went to Luther Bible College. He brought many of his classmates home and my parents and I were constantly hearing the gospel. We all made “nominal” confessions of faith and drifted back into the world, but Jesus never let go of any one of us. I rededicated myself years ago and have never looked back. When my mother was diagnosed with heart failure, I asked her point blank, I had to know if she accepted Christ as her Savior. She smiled and showed me her little New Testament and said, “of course, ever since George (my late brother) went to Bible College.” I couldn’t express my grateful relief! I lost her a year later. My husband, a staunch agnostic, found the Lord through a beautiful Nigerian Hospice nun/chaplain a few hours before his death. So I can say with confidence, never give up on your family members, I always said, "Like Joshua and the Philippian jailor, “me and all my household.”


Wooow. Thank you so much for that incredible testimony and encouragement @carmen

I do really appreciate it and keep it in my heart.
Thank you so much and may God bless you more!

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