Will there be birth of human babies on the new earth?

So my question is will there be human birth on the new earth?
The real questions for me come up after the answer to that though.
If yes;
How will there ever be enough space for infinite immortal people? Not on this world for sure, but God claims to renew this very world. So how would that work?
Besides that the children being raised in the perfect world won’t have sin so no salvation needed. Won’t that get weird as well with them not really needing Jesus?
If infinite people can be born on the new earth wouldn’t that make the percentage of people that were saved here infinity small and the sacrifice of the cross irrelevant?
If no;
This is probably the right answer in the first place based of Matthew 22 - 30 and Luke 20 - 34-36
There won’t be marriage and probably not even genders since we will all be angels. I don’t recall there being any female angels in the bible.
Besides that gender doesn’t make any sense to me when there is no marriage.

God clearly has an opinion on how to do marriage and raising children right. So I would assume he thinks those are in it’s essence good things.
Genesis 2 - 18 God said that it’s not right for the human to be alone.
The rest of the chapter makes it clear that the human companion ideally an equal being is to become one flesh with.
This again makes me think God finds gender and marriage a good thing.
Most people would say that their wedding and the birth of their children are the best things that ever happened to them.

So finally the real question is…
If marriage and having children seems to be a good thing from ours and God’s perspective.
Why will God ban it for all of eternity on the new earth?

I know the common answer is that we will be happy just to praise God and we shouldn’t worry about it.
But Adam didn’t seem very happy without his partner dispite he was in paradise with God. So why would we be?



There are 2 things that you said that contradict. You cannot have the birth of human babies if we turn into angels.

In the Bible it states that human and angels are distinct. I do not believe that humans ever turn into angels.

I don’t know about any of the rest if the question though.

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I think part of you answer is in Luke 20. A similar question was ask by a connect member about marriage both here and in the new creation. Here is a link to an answer that I gave.

I recommend reading the entire thread as there are several good thoughts put forth by the connect community.
I have a question for you. Where did you get the idea that we will become angels in the new creation? Not to put you on the spot but this might make an interesting topic for you to start.

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This comes from the bible verses I mentioned: Matthew 22 - 30 and Luke 20 - 34-36
Jesus sais we will be like angels.
I know this doesn’t mean we will be angels, but he sais it in the context of there won’t be marriage because we will be like angels.
So that to me would mean that in the realm of marriage we will be like angels and with that probably no gender.
Maybe saying that we will be angels wasn’t a handy formulation. I meant just on this topic we will be angels like Jesus stated.
I think this is an answer to oleo’s response as well.

I’ll look into the post you mentioned now.

Thanks already for the response.

So I read the other threat now.
What I got out of it is that you said that there won’t be procreation on the new earth since there’s no need for it because of our immortality.
The answers to the questions about marriage were a bit in the terms of that marriage is to reflect our relationship with god and that it’s all about us marrying God in the end.
To me this all confirms the scenario that led me to the unanswered questions of the initial post:

"So finally the real question is…
If marriage and having children seems to be a good thing from ours and God’s perspective.
Why will God ban it for all of eternity on the new earth?

I know the common answer is that we will be happy just to praise God and we shouldn’t worry about it.
But Adam didn’t seem very happy without his partner dispite he was in paradise with God. So why would we be?"

So those are still questions for me.



Well we won’t be the only one of our kind, as Adam was; we will have each other as well as being with God, and there will be many, many of us.

That’s a fair point to the last question.
When you take that into account you can’t really compare us with Adam so easily.

Makes me wonder what relationships look like when everyone is a sexless sinless perfect entity though.

Oh yes, there will be many people there! All who died in Christ will be there. Have you all ever considered how many that will be, when everyone (including Adam and Eve) who loved and obeyed God down through all the ages will be there?

And the other thing is, we will all have a perfect relationship not only with God, but with each other too. We can’t even fathom what that would be like, because we have never had any perfect relationship of any kind. And each of us will be perfected. That doesn’t mean we will lose our gender: remember that Adam and Ever were made perfect in God’s image as male and female. We will be ourselves, but a perfect version of us. It will be the reversal of all sin: like being back in the garden of Eden. It will be wonderful: better than the best thing that ever happens in this life.

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Thanks Rebecca,
I really appreciate this response.

I don’t know if I have the trust to accept this though.

What if I’m bored with the new world and everyone on it in 10 billion years?

What can be good enough to fill eternity other than an infinity of creation and of new people?

Do you think there will be human birth?

Why would God know what I like to do?

What if I end up not really liking God as a personality?
It wouldn’t be very nice to glorify him for eternity then.

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Dear Daniel,

God knows what you like to do because he “knit you together in [your] mother’s womb” (Psalms 139:13) and he even knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:6-7.) He has known you since the day of your conception and your whole life long. He knows everything, absolutely everything about you.

The God of the Bible is the creator of heaven and earth, the designer of the whole universe from the largest galaxy to the tiniest molecule. Can you fathom the depths of the ocean or the complexities of the stars or the functioning of the human brain? We’re talking about the one who designed all these things and created them. We will never totally figure God out; there will always be more to learn.

Yet when he asks his people to obey the ten commandments, he doesn’t begin with “I am the Lord your God, the creator of heaven and earth.” He could have. But (as PragerU points out) instead he says, “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt,” as in, out of slavery. He is saying, “I am the one who saved you; I am the one who redeemed you.” That is who we worship: the Saving, Redeeming God. The God who is Sacrificial, Unconditional Love. The Triune God whom, while we still disobeyed him and spit in his face, chose to die on the cross in our place, because our shortcomings and wrongdoings deserved death.

This is the One I will be spending eternity with: the God who loves me deeply, even with all of my faults, and who isn’t content to leave me that way, but who walks with me daily helping me grow and giving me strength and purpose. The God who died in my place so that I could have meaning and purpose for always. The God who forgives me. The God who sanctifies me into the woman I was always meant to be. Though I do not totally know what everything will be like in the New Heaven and Earth, spending eternity with the One who loves me unconditionally is enough for me. There will be a job for me to do that fits perfectly with the talents I have honed on this earth, and I will do it for the glory of God.

Dear Rebecca,
I have a hard time finding a proper response to this, but first of thanks again for your answer.
I’ve been a Christian all my life so your answer sounds very familiar. Though I think I had valid questions, there’s no need to underestimate God. He wouldn’t give me a stone when I ask for bread, if he gives me his son wouldn’t be give me everything.
So for that matter I’ll stop firing clever answers back.

I do have a personal question for you though.
Knowing this is true is one thing (and I do know). But wanting this is true is something else.
When and why did you start desireing this?

Thanks again.

I’m loving your questions, @dePloert. They’re so very honest…and fair! :laughing: I’ve had thoughts thought along similar lines as well. It seems so very difficult to envision a place that’s so outside of our experience and imagination. But I do wonder if we will even know such things as boredom, monotony and dissatisfaction in the New Creation? I find it difficult to imagine those things not existing, esp. when we try to comprehend eternality…which also blows my mind.

But the question then comes for me: Will we know completeness there? Is it possible to know complete satisfaction at all times…to find That for which we were created? And, if so, does that limit creativity and curiosity…or does it expand and enhance it?

I, too, am curious what our relationships with the other ‘saints’ will be like…esp. if there is no marriage. Though I am not married, so maybe I am getting a bit of a glimpse into heavenly relationships through my deep friendships? :smirk:

Anyway, just wanted to say that it all does my head in too. And all seems like a pipe dream…

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