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Will we have a free will in heaven? Is it possible for us to get kicked out of heaven?

Lucifer was in heaven, but he got kicked out because of his pride. Will we still have a free will in heaheaven? Is it possible for man to get kicked out of heaven?

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Excellent question, @Julianna.King!

Actually, I believe our will in heaven will be far freer than it is now!

In this life, the perfect Spirit inside us yearns, groans, hungers and thirsts after a sinlessly perfect existence. But the lusts of the flesh constantly interfere with our life, luring us into sins that our Spirit is vexed and grieved over.

But in heaven, we’ll be finally free of the power of this fallen flesh - free to love, serve and worship God as our Spirit has always longed to do since the day we were saved.

In this fallen creation, the pressures of the world and the deceits of the devil likewise hamper our behavior. But in the righteous world to come, with Satan finally banished forever, everything will be different, and our true nature will shine forth as our will becomes totally free of every sinful vestige of this world.

So, no - you will never lose your salvation in heaven - you will have things securing you that no angel ever had - a will transformed by the new birth - Christ as an interceding High Priest - the breath of God placing His image inside you.

Indeed, the very thing that lured Satan to rebel, the right to sit on the throne of God over all creation, is given to Adam and his heirs free for the asking - see Revelation 3:21!

I hope this will help you!


Thank you for the response. It is good to get some food for thought😊 May God bless you!


I’ve heard preachers say that we will see hell from heaven and that will deter us but folks see drug addicts and jails and still try drugs, only to get addicted…and rob banks, only to go to jail…maybe thinking they will be the exception. So that wasn’t all that encouraging.

When I read “The Shack”, I was so encouraged by that picture of the full, deep and unwavering love between the Father and the Son. A lot of folks didn’t like “The Shack” but the love of God came richly home to me while reading it. Thinking of the perfect love between the Father and the Son and knowing that you will be on the inside of that, not on the outside looking in, makes it hard to understand but guarantees that we will no more want to be outside the perfect will of God than did Jesus. His Spirit within us now is the witness that we will have His perfect/sinless nature.


Heaven is a place with no sorrow. If I was in heaven and could see my loved ones in hell, that would cause me sorrow. I do not believe we will be in heaven and see our loved ones in hell. When the devil is cast into hell, he will no longer be able to tonrment and tempt us. Heaven will better than we can inagine. Thanks for the feedback, and may God bless you.

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I also loved The Shack. I know it got a lot of heat from religious crowd, but I honestly believe that reading that book in 2007 was the beginning of my transformation
I’m glad you may’ve found the same thing

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Hi, @Julianna.King!

Bro. @jlyons has already given a great response. But let me add one more thought…
Christ will be retaining His crucifixion wounds as an eternal testimony and reminder of His sacrificial love—The evidence of faith standing right before your very eyes. How could any person of faith (i.e. citizen of heaven) grab hold of his freewill when he sees his Redeemer still bearing the scar for his redemption?! (Just the thought of it makes me teary as I type these words.) I will never again fail Him, as I often did in this fallen body, after he has given me a resurrected body and a cellestial home.

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Another question: Will there be love in Heaven? Of course. Ergo there must be free will, or live is impossible.

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God is love. We will be Him. I believe there will be more love than we can imagine. We will see the One who died for us. We will see the One who suffered for our sins. I believe there will be perfect love in heaven.

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I hope there will be a “perfect will” that will be better than the “free will” that we have now, and “perfect love”, when we are transformed to be like Him at His appearing. I hope that the “perfect love” of God will make “free will” something like an oxymoron or non sequitur…won’t even compute there.

Philippians 3:21 “Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body, according to the working whereby He is able even to subdue all things unto Himself”. I’m hoping that includes my will.

Maybe as new creatures our perfection/perfect natures will make “free will” or liberty there something w-a-a-y more beautiful…that we can’t even understand in our fallen natures now.

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Amen. I think sanctification means that we become one with Him in subjective terms as well as objectively. The more we experience this unity with Jesus, the more our will merges with His. So we are completely free. We can do whatever we want. But our desire is only His perfect will for us.

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Beautiful! What a great hope that He has given us.