Will we remember family when we're in Heaven?

(Connie Eroh) #1

Once we have gone to Heaven, will we remember loved ones on Earth and be able to look on them?

(SeanO) #2

@nutmeg04 The Bible seems to indicate that we will still be able to recognize people we knew on earth in Heaven. In fact, at the Mount of Transfiguration the disciples recognized Elijah and Moses even though they had never known them on earth. Also, after Jesus’ resurrection His disciples were able to recognize Him if He wanted them to do so. The following thread provides some resources for further study on this topic.

(C Rhodes) #3

When I think of what awaits us in Heaven, one thing I am certain of, is its unlimited enhancement of what we have here on earth. Heaven is limitless, and expansive in its reward. I like how Hugh Ross puts it, “the laws of decay and death will be banished!” Family and love far beyond what we only have a taste of in the world. To live in a city where the presence of GOD is its illumination! I’m excited!!!