Witnessing to Oblivious People

I deeply care about my coworkers and want them to know the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ and the blessing of a relationship with God. However, it can be very discouraging to not have results, even after time. I know the Holy Spirit must work. But sometimes it’s hard to wait, when I wish they could just “get it,” to recognize their need for a Saviour. It’s sad, but so many people today are consumed by their lives and few other things interest them. That being said, do any of you have any ways you have witnessed that have been effective? Do you have any resources that may be helpful?


It took Noah 120 years to build the ark. Eight people were saved from the deluge. Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. He did not convert a single soul during those 120 years. By faith he obeyed what God told him to do. The disciples were exposed to all manner of hardships, persecutions, and even death itself, in some of its worst forms. Their mission in obeying the Great Commission was not instantaneous success. Most of them saw only the beginning of the spread of Christianity. The Church was then very few in members. The growth of the mustard seed into a huge tree, Matthew 13:31-32, happened after their martyrdom.

I have read stories about missionaries who didn’t convert a single person in their lifetime. The seed they planted grew and bore fruits after their demise.

Matthew 9:37 and 38 speaks of God as the Lord of the harvest. Jesus exhorts his disciples to pray to God to send them proper instructors. A minister of Christ is represented as a day-laborer. The laborer comes into the harvest, not to become lord of it, not to live on the labor of others, but to work, and to labor his day no matter how difficult.

Discipleship needs discipline, love, patience and perseverance. Being faithful and committed in the service of the Lord matters more than counting the results.

One of my uncles would often go out with his Bible in a bag. He visits non-believers on a regular basis and tell them the Gospel of Christ. If he learns about any of them being sick, he would rush to their side at home or in the hospital. Sometimes he would sit on a roadside and preach to strangers if they have a few minutes to spare. In over 10 years, I know only two persons he converted, a Hindu and a Buddhist. The converted Hindu died a few years ago. His family insisted on my uncle to perform the funeral rites of their father. They refused to accept any other pastor or deacon. My uncle is now a pastor but he has not given up his old routine. He is regularly visiting his neighbors who belong to other religions.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17
Rejoice always, pray continually.

Do not be disheartened. Surely your labor will not go in vain. Praying for you and your ministry.


Hi Hope, One of the methods I have found helpful for creating an atmosphere of thoughtful discussion at work is to start a lunch-time “Podcast Club.” This can also work via Zoom. You pick a podcast episode (under 1 hour long is best) that will be of interest to your coworkers. You invite everyone to listen individually and then set up a lunch-time to discuss it. It doesn’t need to be spiritual topics, especially at first, but I bet the conversations will easily get deep. For our group, I particularly remember when we listened to a This American Life podcast by NPR about two women switched at birth; it sparked discussion of what family means, what “belonging” means, and identity. For people who may find it difficult to talk easily about heavy topics, this method can create a safe space for open discussion. Eventually you can pick podcasts with themes that may point towards the Gospel, and can use your turn in the discussion to gently share the way you see it.

Hope this helps. Book clubs can work too - podcasts generally do grab a broader audience who may not want to commit hours to a book.


Yes, I love this topic. I have the same burden for the lost.
The key is openness. Jesus said the heart condition for receiving the Word of God.
He said the soil must be the right soil, good soil to produce a crop. I think that so long as they are open in some capacity to “hearing more” from us we can begin to plant seeds.

A tract, “Romans road” or a conversation is great to be equipped with so long as you are solidified in what the Gospel is, highlighting the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. If people are not open nor receptive, move on. I’ve learned the hard way sometimes. You waste time when trying to explain the Gospel to those not interested. Asking if they’re open is how you gauge that. Trying to force anything can do more harm than good.

God saves, not us. We plant and water and sow.

Lastly, a constant in our job must be that we actually ‘work as unto the Lord’ and work incredibly good with such a good work ethnic that others can’t help but take notice. Treat our work as done unto the Lord, and when that happens, others will take note and we can then give the glory to the Lord!! yet another way that those who watch our lives can see how a Christian represent Christ.

If we’re not representing Christ firstly, what are we actually doing?

Peace and grace multiplied to you,

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You might read the book “Tactics”. A probing question could put a “rock in their shoe” that God will use later in their life.


Conviction of sin is the work of the Holy Spirit. Unbelief must be confronted before they can hear (2Cor 10:5). Jesus,tells us to first bind the strongman then go plunder his house.

Hi, @hope :wave:

I admire your passion for souls. Just reading through your post convicts me of my shortcomings. But I did use some strategies to drive the conversation towards the Gospel.

One of my “signature move” is whistling Christian hymns. I am not gifted with a voice to sing, but I can whistle tunes very well. It lightens my burden and brightens my day. And it opens opportunity to share the Gospel when someone got interested and ask me what song am I whistling.

Another method that I have used to drive the conversation were trivia. By expounding on their names I was able to lead some to Christ.

Ultimately, it is the Holy Spirit’s ministry to convict the sinner. The least we could do is to live up the Gospel we may not always be able to read out to them.

2 Corinthians 3:2-3
Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.


Hello Hope, thank you so much. I hear you and know that feeling, we really wish our loved ones could really find the hope we have in Christ.
That you have already been reaching out to them is very encouraging. You are definitely sowing a seed and the Holy Spirit will do His work in their lives.
I am concurring with @SelieVisa and @AO77 that at then end after we have done all, it is God who gives the increase 1 Cor 3:7.
There’s evidence in Apostle Paul’s life eg Acts 17 of how people didn’t get the message as well as his lament for the Jews in Romans 9:3. At times people aren’t just ready or have chosen to reject the message because the god of this world has blinded their eyes 2 Corinthians 4:1
Since we wrestle not against flesh and blood, in my experience, we need to continually pray binding the powers that seek to keep people in darkness, sharing the word and moving on when the Spirit leads us to others. More grace to you :clap:t5:


Dear Hope,
Calvary Chapel in Tampa, FL has been teaching Bill Fay’s “How to Share Jesus Without Fear.” I’m sure there is a website where u can see all the materials but it starts with 5 questions. Let the person answer and just listen, don’t add anything or contradict them. When they finish answering each question, go on to next one.

  1. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
  2. Who is Jesus to you?
  3. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
  4. If you died tonight, where do you think you would go?
  5. If what you believe is wrong, would you want to know? Yes or No?

Bill Fay said that rarely does anyone say “no”, but even if they do, they will begin to prompt you for a response.

If answer is yes, you have permission to continue.

You should be carrying a pocket Bible with the following scriptures highlighted and have he/she read each one out loud. After they read each one, ask, “what do you think this means to you?” But don’t get off track despite their answers, go to next verse.

  1. Romans 3:23-(The way that God sees us.)
  2. Hebrews 9:27-(I have 2 appointments.)
  3. John 3:3-(I am not ready to die.)
  4. John 14:6(There is only ONE WAY)
  5. 2nd Cor. 5:15-(God wants me to change.)
  6. Romans 10:9-10-(Relationship with Jesus is both personal and public.)
  7. Rev. 3:20-(I have a decision to make.)

This sounds very simple but Bill Fay advises, let the Bible speak.
I enjoyed all of the helpful posts, this is another approach. God bless you for having a heart for the lost!