Witnessing to someone who grow up in Catholic church

I have a friend, we became really good friends in the past year. He grew up in catholic church and went to catholic school. However, when I have heard him using the Lords name in vain. We talked about many things throughout the year, but whenever I bring up Jesus into the conversation, all of a sudden he has to go somewhere, his phone is dying, someone is calling, and so on… But when the conversation is not about Christianity, he can talk for hours. So we have been communicating through text messages. He also told me that he doesn’t trust people and that I shouldn’t trust people either. So what is the best way to start witnessing??

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@IrinaPG Using the five thresholds from the book “I Once Was Lost”, it sounds like your friend has trusted a Christian, but he still is not curious about Jesus. The book talks about different ways to reach people who are not curious yet - invite them to serve the poor alongside you or do other things around Christian people where they would not be preached at and yet they could see how Christians live.

On the other hand, it is a bit odd to me that he told you not to trust other people. That could be a relational red flag and you may need to ensure healthy boundaries in the relationship. Be careful :slight_smile:

I also included some links related to Catholicism below, but I’m not really sure that is important until / if he genuinely becomes curious / starts seeking. Christ be with you :slight_smile:


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