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(Shay Yates) #1

Hi friends, so I was wondering if anyone has any women’s faith podcast suggestions? Since I am just starting my walk with Jesus, I am looking to deepen my knowledge on Scripture, to deepen my faith, and to come to a better understanding of who Jesus Christ is!

(Tony Mercurio) #2

Hi Shay. Saw your intro - I’m an FGCU alum. Guess it really is a small world after all!

Are you familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare? This is probably my favorite childhood fable. The “moral” of the story is that “slow-and-steady” wins the race. I raise this point for one reason - to suggest that whatever you’re involving yourself in now, you do it with great care.

There are all kinds of people and all kinds of ministries that will represent themselves as “Christian.” Since you’ve received the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ you can and should pray to him for wisdom and discernment. I will pray for your guidance as I’m sure others in this forum will as well.

Perhaps you could clarify what you mean by “women’s faith podcasts,” but if you’re simply looking for a good place to get started understanding the Bible better I’d recommend Alistair Begg. He’s on Google Podcasts, and I’m sure other platforms. Verify what others say about the Bible, including even your friends, pastors, and certainly strangers on the internet!

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(SeanO) #3

@sdyates5778 The Lord Jesus grant you wisdom as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

Beth Moore has a podcast called “Living Proof” - I have not listened to it personally, but based on what I know it should be good.

Chip Ingram, though not a podcast for women, has some solid teaching:


(Whitney Bowman) #4

Hi Shay! @SeanO mentioned Living Proof podcasts, and I’ve drawn a lot of encouragement from them on the radio over the years!

If I could add a podcast not specifically on women’s faith, but that has greatly helped me as a woman grow in my faith :slight_smile: – I’ve drawn a lot of encouragement recently from the Ask Away podcast through RZIM. They’ve helped ground my faith, and I’ve also found them uniquely valuable for better engaging in conversations with peers exploring Christianity. https://www.rzim.org/listen/ask-away

There are a lot of great resources out there! :slight_smile: May God bless your studies

(Rose Amer) #5

Hi, welcome here and congratulations on your new journey. Being a woman is challenging and a woman of faith has its unique challenges but hang in there. Our Lord Jesus has your name written on His palms. I am walking on the path since 24 years that you are just starting. My greatest companion during my journey is the Bible and prayer. I dont want to sound spiritual but talking to Jesus really helped me. Reading and listening to preachers online helps me to deal with things that are bothersome or confusing. Have you heard of Joni Eareckson Tada? She is not everyone’s cup of tea but I like the way she speaks her heart out in her suffering. I hope this helps.

(Shay Yates) #6

Hi @tony_mercurio that is so cool that you are an FGCU alum! And I can’t wait to join you in May!
By women’s faith podcasts I was thinking about hearing from a woman (or different women) about where she struggled and how she overcame some of her struggles. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense? But I will look into Alistair Begg!

(Shay Yates) #7

Thank you so much @roze4jesus for your response! When it comes to reading The Bible I don’t really know where to start, or where to go besides where my biblical counselor recommends for me to look at between our sessions.
I will look into Joni Eareckson Tada!

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(Shay Yates) #8

@SeanO Thank you for your recommendation! My next question is since I’m just starting, which books in The Bible would you recommend I read? My counselor has me reading in John and Ephesians so far and I am really enjoying what I am learning from them, but I am not sure where to go next!

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(Rose Amer) #9

Yeah, trust me even after 24 years including 15 years of preaching, I still sometimes feel at loss where to begin. I envy those who keep their reading plans and often brags about it. Well, to tell you the truth I am always distracted by my children, husband (lol) and Church members. I also work full time as an admin assistant because the church does not have money to pay me. So I am at work Mon-Fri. Anyways, this is what I do- I read one book in OT and one in NT and stick to it until it is finished. Even if the book is super boring like the ones with genealogies and names of people and places that I try to pronounce, I stick to it. I just finished reading 2 Chronicles and starting into Isaiah. I read as many chapters as I can. Underline, highlight and write my thoughts in my note book on the passages that I just read. Start anywhere. There is no starting point, the whole Bible even the boring passages is also the Word of God. I am not gonna lie 90% of what I read I dont remember. I only remember the passages that raises questions/doubts, that I disagree or feel uncomfortable with. I think I am not that discipline in this area and frankly I stopped beating myself up because I know I can only handle so much. I know, God knows I want to but my circumstances dont allow me to sit in peace and quite. I tell Jesus every moment of my waking life that I love Him and be more like Him. Please show me how I can be like you Jesus? It’s the little things we do everyday that makes us more like Him and grow our understanding of who He is. So I think the more you talk to Him, the more He will reveal Himself to you. This is my suggestion. I am sure not many people agree with it but this is what I do.

(SeanO) #10

@sdyates5778 I don’t think there is any one right answer to that question. My first thought is it may be most helpful to read straight through either the New Testament or the whole Bible, keeping a few things in mind:

  • the first time you read through, make sure you have a guide to help you understand how each book of the Bible fits into the bigger story (a few good resources below) - watch a Bible Project video on that book before actually sitting down to read it
  • the first time you read through, don’t get hung up on the details and don’t pay too much attention to chapter divisions - just try to read straight on through as if you were reading a story
  • if you hit Leviticus or Numbers and a few chapters seem to filled with confusing details - just skip them your first time through :slight_smile: You can always come back another time - the first read through is just to get the big picture of the Bible
  • perhaps alternate 1 OT book then one NT book

Again, I don’t think there is any one right answer - but having a guide as you go along to understand how each book fits into the big story and getting that bigger story down pat is very important in my opinion. The Bible is a unified story and getting that metanarrative down and fitting each book within it is important for comprehension.

May Jesus bless you as you study His Word :slight_smile:

Place to Start

(C Rhodes) #11

Priscilla Shirer can be found on Youtube. Her website is goingbeyond.com.

(Shay Yates) #12

Thank you so much for all of your advice @SeanO !!

(SeanO) #13

@sdyates5778 Sure thing - the Lord Jesus bless and guide you :slight_smile:

(Shay Yates) #14

@cer7 Thank you!

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(Brittany Bowman) #15

Welcome to the body of Christ, Shay. :smiley: You might enjoy the Boundless podcasts, as well. It’s a ministry of Focus on the Family specifically for young adults.

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