As a single man. Now just turning age 35. I have felt the pressure of society all my life demanding that I produce a profession worthy of happiness. I recently a couple weeks ago found myself crying during work. Just processing in my own mind the dream I had entering into adult hood. I really believed I would be in a different place, with the job I decided and thought I would love to do, and just so so happy. It hurt. And I thought that a lot of this pain I was in was because of this simple fact. The thing is I’ve been walking close with God for the last 4 or 5 years and I’ve been praying for a future. A career. I have college loans that I couldn’t find a job, and I’ve feeling like I’ve been living pay check to pay check for teh last 10 or so years. So I really started to find life when I felt God was helping me start my own business. I was simply following God in my heart. But then I realized. Hey I don’t know the next step to take in my business. I was pretty sure I desired to start one, I went through all the check marks in my head and everything I’ve learned in experience up to this point. I knew that it was possible God could give me a business so my money could grow. But I also knew that a godly life does not mean an increase in wealth. So there was conflict in my faith. So I continued to hang on. The thing is I have a 40 hour job. I have enough for me right now. I really was thinking I wanted to get married and have a family. And I knew I would need more money for that, but I wasn’t sure how to get the money for that accept the only thing that made sense for me was to make more money by working a job. Then I heard of an Idea on a John Paul Jackson youtube video suggesting. You guys like visions? Why not follow someone else vision. I thought about that. And it slowly began to make more sense to me. And after about a month or so I’m beginning to find myself growing more in God. This does not mean I have found success because I feel through the patients I am able to give God back more into entering what I had visioned as success. I believe if I have found my own success it wouldn’t have been success at all. In my suffering I’m finding Life.


I am glad you seem to be finding something that has meaning in your life. Thanks for sharing your story and I pray that you continue to grow as you walk in the spirit and seek to glorify God in your life. Merry Christmas Andrew! :slight_smile::christmas_tree:


God-bless you and your journey. Our quest here is to share our experiences with each other and the gospel with others. Thank you for sharing your experience. I pray that you experience that John 10.10 abundance in 2020. I look forward to reading your posts.