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Working too much

This was talked about some by Lou and I’d like to get some more thoughts on when you find yourself working too much. Personally, I really, really enjoy work, especially hard-work, so it’s sometimes difficult to put my work down and build relationships with those around me.

I know I have these terrible habits which prioritize and perhaps even idolize my work above God and others. My faith is not supposed to be such an individual thing and I’m not supposed be so individualistic in my day to day life. I want to break free from my work and go love those around me more!

Now, I worry that if I let my grades drop my teachers and my peer will think that I don’t care as much. I want to respect my teachers by completing the work they give me to the highest standard; with my peers I want them to know that when I am given a task I take it seriously and will do it to the best of my abilities. I represent God in all that I do and I want to represent God and Christianity well. I don’t want to put out any work that is half hearted and shows a lack of care, and thus I’m stuck up past midnight doing work that isn’t as important as I allow it to be.

God is so good and he has taught me a lot in the past year about not valuing my work so much, but there is more for me to learn.

Last semester I tried making relationship building a part of my daily work thinking this would help me build some good habits, but I largely failed to get the ball rolling. I’ll try again this semester allotting time to relationship building and asking some of my friends to hold me accountable.

In your life, what have you done to break away from working too much? How did you know you were working too much especially if it was a good thing that you were working on? For example, if you’re a pastor how do you know when you’ve spent too much time writing the sermon?

What are some healthy habits that have worked for you?

How do I know when I’ve spent too much time on a project? How do I know when I’ve missed the point?


Hi @IsaacHagbe,
I can relate to your question & your concern cause I have gone through the very same pattern or routine of living until the pandemic happened. The Lord taught me alot about priotitising Him & surrendering myself to Him. Just to give you a background, I am someone how enjoys being punctual & getting work done way ahead of time cause I was taught to be that way from a very young age. Yes, it did help me alot till my high school but as I entered college this equation of mine stopped playing its charm. I went to the Lord and spent time with Him & asked time & again as to why things are not evrything out. Thats when He showed me how much I was simply fretting & worrying about about & how much more focuss I had to lay on my Walk with God as it was superficial at that time in my life.
What I am trying to say is that if any work hinders you from spending time with God, that is too much. Once you prioritise God first in everyfield & aspect of your life things will fall into place.

Also @IssacHagbe,your life or your walk with the Lord will reflect in the way you conduct yourself and that is the kind of testimony that I personally found joy in,cause my friends ask me, " whats so special in the God you believe in?". Grades are fleeting things, and as far as I have expreienced my teachers/Professors waanted me to grow & not be focussed on my grades.

I hope, this was of some help to you.
God bless


Hey isaac! I love your question because it shows you really care about people and want to prioritize relationships even if it’s not something you do now. I experienced this same issue at my school a few years ago. I was so concerned with my grades at some point I realized most classes I was taking- I did not know anyone in the class. One way you can prioritize relationship and also schoolwork is by helping your friends with their work! I tend to do well in classes so I found that by helping people with work they were struggling with, I could build relationship with them.
I think @Matthew_Mittelberg touched on this a little bit during his Kasey Interview. He said he went to Grand Canyon university and never once visited the Grand Canyon. I think if there are moments like that where you realize you are missing out on some big life experiences, I would encourage you to evaluate what work you can hold off on and what opportunities you have to meet and know others.


@IsaacHagbe Happy Sunday to you brother.

As believers we must understand that we are called to redeem the time

Ephesians 5:16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

As such we must seek God’s counsel on how to attend to matters with the precision of timing so as not to miss out in his will and waste time.

We are called to redeem time and every task varies from the other so the same tactics may not work for work A and B and C so therefore we must depend on God for wisdom on how to address different task with the precision of time


Thank you for the thoughts and genuine responses! You guys are awesome!


@IsaacHagbe Glad that we could help you by sharing our story God led us through. Will be Praying for you.