Workshop for Evagelism for teens

(cindy lee) #1

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since coming back to join RZIM connect. I have contemplated in asking questions here, but what God wants me to learn and understand it will be His will for me.

My question - When doing a workshop on Evangelism for teens/youth where do I start? I don’t want to overwhelm them nor turn them away in to thinking I am an over zealous person of God. I want it to be truly humbling yet plant that seed of evangelism within their hearts to grow in their minds? Am I asking this properly?

Overview: We are CMA Alliance church. Although it is the passion of the church to do or to be in Missions, I felt as though we lack so much in teaching our congregation/family about evangelism and being an apologetics?

I would appreciate it so much to know how, where, and what I can teach them in this workshop to plant that small seed?

(SeanO) #2

@faith23josie Are the kids Christian? Have they grown up in Church? Is this part of a conference? The topic you choose may depend largely on the context / purpose. If it is a missions event for Christian kids, for example, you might discuss what it means to answer God’s call as a missionary and what missions looks like if you choose to go into the workforce. I don’t know of a specific curriculum for that scenario.

You might consider the ‘Everyday Questions’ curriculum from RZIM. If you only have one session, you might pick a central topic - like the identity of Jesus - and discuss.

How to Communicate

I’ve read 2 of the 3 books below and thought they were helpful. Even if we have the best ideas in the world, if we do not communicate them clearly they are not helpful. With communication I think it is so important to:

  • keep it simple / make the big idea clear
  • use good illustrations / activities
  • understand your audience

(cindy lee) #3

Thanks for replying.
I did check out those curriculums at RZIM but was left wondering if they maybe too much or confuse them. I will most certainly check all of the recommendations.

Can I in anyway engage the youth to seek RZIM for further concepts and wisdom? For example, show Q&A questions that target Evangelism?

(SeanO) #4

@CarsonWeitnauer may have some thoughts about how to help engage the youth with additional resources like Connect.

Whatever resource you use, you will likely need to tailor it for your audience and pick only 1 chapter or topic that is relevant to them if it is only a single workshop. Unless you use a video curriculum from somewhere like RightNow Media, which your Church may have a subscription to… In that case, you leave the work of preparing the teaching to others in the videos and focus on discussion questions that have already been prepared. That might be an easier route. But generally those are multiple sessions.

(cindy lee) #5

Hmm, tailoring for them will take time and yes perhaps learning in the long run.

Thanks for your insight.

(SeanO) #6

@faith23josie Yes, I think that part of teaching is learning to reshape the raw materials from different sources into a form that is digestible for your audience. It is not necessarily an easy skill, but it is a very valuable skill to have any time there is a need to communicate a concept to a new audience.