Hi everyone, my name is Xavier, i´m from Bolivia. I first learned about Connect trough Ravi Zacharias videos I discovered, and I found them to be enlightening. I hope to learn more about difficult topics of christianity in order to become a better guide to my children and community.


Welcome aboard Xavier @Xavier
It is so great to hear that Ravi Video is making a great impact in your Life. And your desire to better engage and answer difficult questions.
You are in the right place. Feel free to explore the community and if OK, let us hear some of your questions and testimonies



Welcome, Xavier. Yes, Ravis videos are really good. Especially in the Core Module I have seen some of them and I’m really impressed by his statements. Connect gives you many opportunities to learn and deal with difficult topics. It’s a great blessing for your children that you want to be a good spiritual leader for them. I look forward to reading your contributions.

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Welcome aboard @Xavier. So glad you found the site and that you are joining from Bolivia. Your heart to train up your children in the way they go is awesome. I think there are many members who have interest in apologetics for children. I trust ti oy will enjoy your discussions here. God-bless you and your journey.

Hi @Xavier, welcome to connect, it’s wonderful to have you here. Thank you for your heart in wanting to be a better guide :pray:t3: I trust you will find connect a helpful place with great insight to glean from. It’s so enlightening to hear others perspective from all over the globe. Enjoy browsing and feel free to engage :slightly_smiling_face: