(Yohell Collado) #1

Hello my name is Yohell Collado

I am from and currently reside in New York City …

The reason I joined “connect” was to involve myself in a community of diverse people with different shared experiences but one common faith in the name of Jesus Christ. Also the ability to ask questions that i may have concerning my new journey into showing myself approved to my Creator regarding my faith and the why as to what I believe! I am also beginning the RZIM academy modules soon and looking forward to the transformation that will take place in me and through me to effectively serve and represent the body of christ in my circle of influence and community.

I look forward to contribute my learning experience through my journey with RZIM materials, educational resources and overall personal investments in studying God’s word to better serve this and my community. I look forward to also being a forever student of God’s word and learning from such a vibrant community of believers who take their faith seriously to show themselves approved in a world and generation who are in desperate need of God’s church to rise and continue to stand to proclaim the unchanging Gospel of redemption through Christ and Christ alone!

Grace + Peace

(LaTricia) #2

Welcome to Connect Yohell! We’re really happy to have you here. You have definitely come to the right place if you’re looking for diversity. Connect members come from all over the world and have such a diverse background with the common thread truly being Christ. And we love questions - they help us to think and delve deeper into what it is that we believe. You’ll find that this community is very supportive and caring, also. :slight_smile:

(Yohell Collado) #3

Thank you LaTricia. Look forward to the Journey with you all!

(Alastair Flannagan) #4

Welcome to Connect Yohell and thank you for your introduction. Praying that God will enrich and equip you through the RZIM modules and Connect so that through your walk with him you will be a light to your community.

(Yohell Collado) #5

Thank you kindly Alastair!

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