Young Age

Is there any scientific evidence for young age earth? And what does bible says about age of earth?

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Hi Jerard,
Creation Ministries and Answers in Genesis are two main resources that I’m aware of. Here is the scientific evidence for a young earth here. Happy reading. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the Bible specifically says the earth is x years old; but one can estimate the age using genealogies back to Adam / Eve. The young earth position is that God created in 6 literal earth days.
Hope that’s some helpful resources?


Thanks bro for your reply god bless

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Hi all, and greetings Mr. Jerard,

This is indeed an interesting question. In the core module this question was asked and explained by the interpretation of words such as ‘a day.’ English is a loose translation and I am presently drawn and reminded of a family that I very much enjoyed being with during my foster child tour of duty.

I was with a Jewish family, and in synagogue was able to ask Rabbi as to this question. He referred me to ETZ HAYIM, which I still have a copy of and find a wonderful resourse being, ’ The Torah and commentary.’ Please forgive that I am no scholar. But I find this is completly in line with scripture.


’ When God began to create the conventional english translation reads: God created the heavens and the earth," The translation presented here looks to verse three for the completion of the sentence and takes basic and and inevitable questions: Why is there something instead of nothing. Why is there life instead of inert matter? … The Torah begins with Bet, second letter of the Hebrew alphabet., to summon us to begin, even if we can not begin at the very begining."

Quoted by the ETZ HAYIM commentary.


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To answer simply, the idea behind young earth primarily comes from calculating the listed genealogies within the bible, and in part from the literal interpretation of “day” to mean 24-hours (ergo, God took 6 days - 144 hours - to create the universe).

I used to believe young earth myself because that’s what I grew up with. I was told evolution and the 4.5 billion year age was made to be able to explain creation without God’s hand, which I refused to believe. However, this article in particular made me reconsider:

Personally, I’m of the opinion that science (being made by God) should in theory not contradict God. Along those lines, I don’t think that God (a timeless being) enjoying watching the creation he set into motion unfold over insurmountable time is contradictory to his character, and the various methods of science we have to measure time go back much further than young earth would indicate.

I don’t believe it is necessary to believe young earth versus old earth, as in the grand scheme of things how long the universe has existed seems inconsequential to our spiritual lives. That is not to say, however, that the beautiful universe he created is not something to be marveled at. I’ve gotta say, I’m proud to be made in His image, able to appreciate the wonders He’s made.

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Hey, that article is pretty interesting. It has a lot of good points. I’m not quite done yet. But I am curious, if the days are extended periods of time. And not actual 24 hr days. Which I’m not against. I think there is quite a good possibility for that. But why in exodus does it say god created the earth in 6 days and on the 7th he rested (exodus 20:11)

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