Your "One Thing" from S3 E1

Hello Friends! Every week on Cover to Cover, we ask you to consider your “One Thing”: a single significant application or take-away from the discussion. For this season, we are going to create a new thread each week so that we can share our insights with each other. Please post your questions and other thoughts in new threads and keep the conversation going! But this thread will be reserved for our One Thing.

So let’s get to it! Jesus Among Secular Gods, Chapter 1 “Alters Against God”, Part 1:

What one thing is God asking you to do, think, or say differently this week, as you consider how to apply this week’s conversation to your life and context?


Sometimes I find it impossible to name one thing, but this week I was positive I landed on my one thing at the 8-minute mark. Shawn was telling a story about doing outreach at the University of British Columbia. One man obviously wanted to say something to him but refused, saying, “I don’t want to offend you.”

Shawn described the encounter:

And so I gave my usual response, “I’m unoffendable.” And by the way, as Christians I think we really should try to be unoffendable. I think we need to absorb the frustration, absorb some of the anger that people have in order then hopefully to invite them into a conversation.

I’m no good at this. My heart is like blown glass. I shatter easily. This can be a strength when empathy is needed, but it’s also my greatest weakness.

I like Shawn’s imagery of absorbing people’s anger so they will be open to a conversation. I need to be less of a glass ornament and more of a stuffed animal. Granted, I don’t have enough stuffing yet, but I’m looking to God to fix that for me. My prayer is simple: “Just make me a squishy teddy bear.”


My One Thing:
~page 10
“The follower of Jesus sees what is happening through the lens of how Jesus describes the human condition and the answers He gives.”

~Stuart McAllistar & Ivy S3E1.1, 34:30;
“The Gospel is not an idea. The Gospel is a Person who is going to have an impact on your life, who actually answers your practical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

~S3E1.1, 50:00; +page 11 (Thank you for the challenges. I am processing.)
How is God calling me
–to represent the Gospel and what it does?
–to allow my faith to enter my “conscience as a conviction?”
–to fortify and continue to “build a moral framework” that affects how I love and treat other people?