Your One Thing from S3 E6 (Chapter 3, Pt. 2)

We finished the chapter on scientism this week, covering points 2-4.

  1. The universe is knowable.
  2. The universe is regular.
  3. The universe is finely tuned for life.

What one thing is God asking you to do, think, or say differently this week, as you consider how to apply this week’s conversation to your life and context?

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I’m going to pick one thing in a couple different categories this week.

In the intellectual realm, I want to read more about fine tuning. I can’t remember if I’ve ever used this evidence in a conversation about the existence of God. I turn to irreducible complexity much more often because I’ve studied it. I own a book with information about fine tuning–I just need to pick it up. Ask me in a week if I’ve done my homework.

In the relational realm, I was challenged by Ivy’s point that many people use science as an excuse not to believe in God when their real reason lies in a completely different area. I especially appreciated what Ivy said about needing to be prayerful, discerning, and compassionate so that we have the conversations which are truly needed.

On a purely personal level, thanks, Xandra, for the violin and orchestra illustration. I loved it!