Your thoughts on "accommodation."

If I ever had any explicit Bible teaching on “accommodation” I’ve either forgotten it (highly possible!) or it was called by some other name. Recently I have come across the term again, so I searched for it here on RZIMConnect. There were a few hits, but none in which the subject of a thread was explicitly focused on “accommodation.” So I would like to explore this subject with others, answering three basic questions. Others may arise later on depending on where the discussion leads.

  1. Was is your own understanding, or even definition, of “accommodation” in the context of the Scriptures? It is not a word that appears in the Scriptures with any other meaning than “food and board” (1 Cor 9:4 in Peterson’s The Message). Please don’t make a PhD Thesis of this question - if you find it hard to define or describe, give us a better sense of what you mean through your answers to questions 2 and 3.

  2. Can you give at least 3 examples of this idea (“accommodation”) in the Scriptures. Please do not repeat examples that have already been given.

  3. Make it personal: Can you give any examples in your own life when you have experienced God’s “accommodation” in the sense that you have described it in question 1?

I’m very grateful for your inputs. :slightly_smiling_face: