Your thoughts on hell, punishment and death

(Albert Schmidt) #1

Hi everybody,

there seems to be a confusion about what the Bible teaches about the afterlife. Some say, you will be in hell forever. Others say, yes, for a time, and when you paid for your sins your soul gets to die. After all, the bible mentions the second death. I haven’t come to a final answer on that and I would like to hear your thoughts. Is there a definitive teaching or is there room for different opinions.
As I understand it right now, it’s: You die, you receive your judgement, pay it off in hell and then die for good.

(SeanO) #2

@Albert Thank you for this question. I believe there is room for disagreement about the nature of final judgment. Here are a few threads on Connect you may consider reading for a fuller response. Feel free to ask further questions. The Lord grant you wisdom.