Youth Events

(Janet) #1

Our church is trying to send 2 of our youths who are close to graduating to the Refresh Conference. We are a very small congregation with limited financial resources. Does RZIM offer any scholarships or assistance to lower or defer with the cost of the conferences?

(Janet) #3

Thank you!! Are we allowed to request funds for GoFundMe accounts in this forum?

(Matt Western) #4

Just letting you know I removed my original post because I thought it best to let the Customer service team answer your question first. :slight_smile:

(Luke Baggett) #5

Hello @JGreen8
Unfortunately, we do not allow solicitation of funds in RZIM Connect.

You might try reaching out directly to the Zacharias Institute to see if they are offering scholarships for the event.


(Luke Baggett) #6

Hello @JGreen8

I was able to hear back from the Zacharias Institute on the availability of scholarships.
Below I will copy and paste the response from the Operations Director.

“Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Refresh conference and your inquiry about possible scholarships. The Zacharias Institute has scholarships we offer on a very limited basis for certain events. Could you please let us know what kind of discount you were looking for and why? This information helps us better understand how we can be most helpful to you. We truly appreciate your support of our ministry and hope you will be able to attend our conference.”

The Operations director has asked that you email them at [email protected] and put in the subject line of the email “Attn: ZI ReFresh Scholarships.” They will review the reasons you’re applying and award scholarships on a case by case basis.

(Janet) #7

Thank you so much for the information.