Youth Leadership Role

Good Day everyone !

I trust that everyone is having a great day.

Recently I was asked to become the youth leader at my local church. I am both excited and nervous for this new role as I am neither qualified or the typical choice for this role.

I have been saved 2 years now and because I have not grown up in church I have never been to a youth meeting before :astonished:

My Pastor said this is actually an advantage because ai would bring new ideas to the department .

However , I dont even know where to begin. I have great hope but still second guessing myself ,I guess.

I will be attending a conference over the weekend for training with the other youth executives and just want pray for my mindset to be focused on answering the call and allowing God to do his work in me and through me.

I need divine insight , creativity , direction and counsil.

If anyone is a youth minister feel free to give me some tips as well .

Grace and Peace :hugs:


I was a youth pastor for five years.

I recommend being genuine and authentic. Youth can really smell a faker. Treat them like adults but remember they are kids. Honestly deal with their questions and concerns. Lead by example. Share your story and your personal experience. Be relatable but don’t try to be “one of them.” Proceed with much prayer and love. Being a youth leader is incredibly rewarding. Especially as your witness your youth grow up and enter adult life. They will always remember the deposit you leave in them.


Thank you greatly for your insight and encouragement.

It sounds super rewarding and I just want to serve in whatever way God sees fit for me ( even though it doesnt seem like something I can do).

I am writing down your points and will be in much prayer