Hi there everyone

I live in The Netherlands now and originally from Malaysia.

I became a Christian in 2015, originally raised as a Hindu.

I wish the message of Gospel to reintroduced to Europe.


Hi @Yuven204,

Welcome! May God empower you and his church to reintroduce the Gospel to Europe!

May I ask - what led you to know Christ? And - where are you seeing hope and positive impact for the gospel in The Netherlands?


Hi Carson,

Thank you for your reply. When I was doing my Ph.D. in the Netherlands, my mother in Malaysia passed away. I was very depressed with all the funeral rituals and ceremonials. I saw some Nick Vujicic’s testimony and that led me to explore Christianity. I accepted Jesus in my life during Easter Sunday in 2015. I want to know more about my Christianity faith and I read and watch materials from Ravi Zacharias, Hugh Ross, etc

Here in the Netherlands, I go to an international Church. Is it OK to have questions on faith even after accepting Jesus and being baptized? From time to time I converse with atheists, agnostics, and some who explore Christiatianity. An ex-muslim who is exploring Christianity asked me could it be I accepted Jesus when my mother passed away just because of trauma? I didn’t know how to respond.

What I noticed is that Christianity spread massively when there were persecution and oppression in Europe during the 1st Century. This is true now during the 21st century in Asian countries. I feel Europe and the USA has lost its foundational roots that were embedded in Christianity. Postmodernism and secular thoughts somehow ‘killed’ God to a greater extent. Science somehow also has made people reject God. I feel faith in God of the Bible can be re-established in Europe if we show that the book of nature and the book of scripture are in agreement. This is why I like the ministry of Hugh Ross, Reasons to Believe.

But sometimes I doubt my faith whenever encountered with questions that I can’t answer about my faith. Sometimes I wonder If everything that happened in the past 4 years since my mother’s death was just coincidence or God is working.

I am sorry for the long message.





I am sorry to hear about your mother! But, I am gladdened to hear that I have a brother in the Netherlands - one who is seeking after the truth of God.

The ex-Muslims question makes me think of an old Ravi saying, “God whispers to us in our pleasures and shouts to us in our pain”. It isn’t that He doesn’t speak to us often but that we don’t always have ears attuned to hear Him when He does. Not just for converts, but also for those already in the faith, the existential difficulties we wrestle with can cause us to tune in as we seek answers and actually listen to Him speak to us. Currently, one of my sons is facing some serious health issues and my wife and I talked this morning about what is good, as God knows it. It doesn’t seem like a good thing to us, but we don’t have the view of eternity He does. We believe He will work in our son’s life through this. We also believe He is seeking for us to trust Him with what we don’t know and cannot control and let Him work good from it as we rely on scripture like, “All things are working for the good of them that are loving God - to the called ones in accordance with His purpose”. When I think of that scripture linked with, “For those He did foreknow, He predestined them to be conformed to the image of His Son”. For us, we hope to endure the situation and through it to have His image formed in us. But, it is a daily struggle to exercise our faith in Him - and, He has shown Himself faithful to us over and over and over again, so He has earned our trust in spades.

In regard to your questions, our God can stand up to our questions and those from those outside of the faith. It helps me find peace in understanding that although I will never know everything there is to know about our faith and be able to answer every question, I can know God personally and well enough to be assured that my faith and hope in Him are justified. Even if someone throws us a question we cannot answer, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer, just that we don’t have it. But, we always carry around within us communion with God through Jesus, which can never be eclipsed by any question and which is a firm assurance that He is real and there for us always.

Blessings on you and your pursuit of a deepening relationship with Him!!!

Your Brother in Christ,



Hello, Yuven, and welcome to Connect. Wow, your testimony is so encouraging for the power of God calling us to embrace His love. Thank you for sharing it here. Questions are a big part of our Christian walk because as we dig deeper into them, our relationship with God deepens. I’m reminded of a quote from Abdu Murray in this podcast,

The Bible says in Proverbs 25:2, that, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is a glory of Kings to seek things out.” What that means to me and what I see there is that God actually conceals things not so that we never discover them, so that we have the delight of the discovery. If you were spoon fed everything about God, then you would never actually delight in that learning.

I hope you have the courage to ask more of your questions here, Yuven. That’s the purpose of our community to learn together and encourage one another as we seek to know God more deeply. Looking forward to your posts!


Hi @Yuven204,

Yes, yes, yes - I think the answer to your question is yes. :slight_smile:

And it makes sense to me that you would say:

But sometimes I doubt my faith whenever encountered with questions that I can’t answer about my faith.

I would encourage you with a few points to reflect upon:

  1. No matter what you believe, there will always be some level of doubt.
  2. Doubt can be a sign of an active, curious mind that is seeking to know the truth.
  3. Jesus himself welcomes our doubts - and he responds by providing abundant evidence. Consider John 20:24-29. How does Jesus respond to Thomas’ request for evidence? Anger? Frustration? Disappointment? None of the above - he responds by providing evidence, and then, he commissions Thomas to be an eyewitness, whose faithful testimony will help answer other people’s questions.
  4. Take some time to study the foundational evidence for the Christian faith. For instance, you might enjoy Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi and Vince. Or listen to the Ask Away podcast.
  5. Whenever you have a tough question, come ask it in RZIM Connect. We consider each sincere question to be a gift and a blessing to the community.

I hope this encourages you a bit!


Dear everyone, Thank you so much for all the encouraging messages.
Kevin, I am sorry to hear about your son’s health condition. I will pray for your son.
Brittany, thank you for the podcast link. I will listen to it.
Carson, I am sure the points you made can be really helpful on my faith journey. I have the book Jesus among other Gods by Ravi. I will buy and read the books you suggested as well. I think it’s a blessing to have Ravi as an evangelist.

with blessings


Hi @Yuven204 welcome to connect. I think you have some really good responses here with great advise so I don’t have anything to add except to tell you, I am so sorry for your loss. I believe you will be such a blessing here. I really look forward to your thoughts and insight. Take care :heart:


I too am sorry to hear of your sons health issues. I know that breaks your hearts. I have added him to my prayer list. Please keep us posted and feel free to request prayer :pray:


Thanks! Prayers are always appreciated…


Dear all thank you again for the encouragement. I watched the audio podcast by Abdu Murray. It is indeed very helpful on how to not to be discouraged by cynical skeptics. The main struggle that I face sometimes is that how to differentiate between my culture, being an Indian, and my faith in Christ.

When I spoke with the ex-muslim friend, he shared his experience that once he went back to Mosque he felt very happy. I think he is in the phase of exploaring christianity but also misses his old faith. My condition is not like his, my condition is not I miss my old practice but for me sometimes old memories come back especially when I go to Indian stores to buy groceries. The shop owner play hindu devotional songs.