Zach Bingham

Hey everyone I’m Zach from Knoxville, Tennessee, United States.
I wanted to join connect to learn new perspectives and see the opportunities the Lord would open up as truth is revealed.
I hope to contribute an engineer/science perspective to the community from a lens of Jesus. I look forward to some great discussions.


Nice to meet you Zach!

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Welcome to Connect Zach! Is so great to have you join us and it’s always nice to have someone with scientific knowledge. Science is one of my great curiosities and I love reading anything in that subject although I don’t have any formal training. I hope you enjoy your time on here learning and sharing with us! :blush:


Welcome aboard @zbingham. Glad you are here with your science and engineering background. Your perspective will be so helpful to so many. And, this forum will assist you in your journey with great discussions already posted and to be posted. God-bless you and your journey. Participate as often as you are able.


Hi @zbingham, it’s great to meet you, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I do look forward to reading your perspective in some of the conversations. I trust you will enjoy engaging with others in Science discussions. Enjoy browsing!


Welcome to Connect, @zbingham! It’s great to have another Tennessean on here. :slight_smile: I was 4 years in Knoxville at UT for my undergrad, and I loved it! I haven’t been back there in ages, but I hope to some time soon. It will always hold a special place in my heart!


Welcome Zachary!

Thank you for joining us. I look forward to seeing your contribution.

God Bless.


Welcome to Connect @zbingham!

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Welcome aboard. I’m near Cookeville, TN. GO VOLS!