Zachary Byington

Hello RZIM Community

I’m from O’fallon MO

What led you to join Connect?
I have really been needing to find a community to help me grow and just talk to me in general because I don’t have anyone being a brother or sister in my walk
How do you hope to participate?
just talking and maybe finding some from the St. Louis area to work on reaching out and growing with.


Great to meet you, @zbyington5! May all the things you seek on Connect be fulfilled - I look forward to good conversations with you!


Welcome Zachary! I am very glad you are searching for growth in your faith and we here at RZIM Connect would like to be of service to you in your search for answer to questions that you have.
We aren’t from the St Louis area but we are available to you day or night. It would be great if you could choose a Church Home or even a Bible study group to fellowship with. Fellowship is important because we often need each other discussing WHY we believe something in order to examine why we should believe. Bible studies is how I came to a better understanding of God’s mind. Now I have a sweetness in my soul I’ve never known before and want to tell everyone about it!
I pray that you will be strong and encouraged to grow in your love of God and tell everyone you see that Jesus loves them so very much and He is seeking them. Peace be with you and welcome to Connect


Hi @ zbyington5
this is a great community of family and friends of Christ who welcome you and look forward to fellowship in the love of Christ and truth. so honored to meet you and share in that search together and growing in His truth and understanding. I am in WV but have a brother in Kansas city area. Looking forward to hearing your input and insight.



Welcome aboard @zbyington5. I love this community and forum. I hope that it meets your expectations. I hope you are able to connect with some brothers and sisters who edifying your faith. Glad you are here. God-bless you and your journey.


Blessings and welcome @zbyington5
I am glad you found RZIM Connect. It is important to stay in fellowship with like minded people that encourage and challenge us into growth; I know this is RZIMs vision.
Stay connected and looking forward to hearing from you