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How do we deal with the issue of homosexuality in Asia? 3 March 14, 2020
As Christians, what are we do with the call to seek justice, but also to forgive seventy-times-seven? What are the implications for social justice? 4 March 14, 2020
Do you have any suggestions on how to undo the damage, especially how to help clarify to them the differences between biblical Christianity and Jehovah’s Witnesses, as this was the cult named most often 4 March 14, 2020
What is your advice for evangelizing Asian business and education professionals in China? 4 March 14, 2020
What do hear people say are their biggest obstacles in coming to faith in Jesus in Japan? 3 March 14, 2020
Is there any particular/specific common point of reference you use in reaching out to people or your audience while presenting the gospel message? 3 March 14, 2020
Can I use Google Translate to evangelize someone in Japanese? 4 March 14, 2020
Ask Yutaro Kato (February 17-21, 2020) 11 March 14, 2020
What are the best ways or illustrations to present Jesus to those from Asian cultures? 3 November 11, 2019
Are Japanese comics which feature LGBTQ relationships harmless teenage fun, or is there more going on? 3 November 11, 2019
Was Rahab brought out of Jericho before or after the walls fell? 3 November 11, 2019
What do you think is the major contributor to youth suicide in Japan and what can we do beyond praying? 3 November 11, 2019
How does a Christian effectively live in a culture which is so different from their own? 3 November 11, 2019
How can we evangelize those who practice Shintoism? 3 November 11, 2019
How do l know when I am supposed to wait upon the Lord and when I am to take a step of faith? 3 November 11, 2019
Ask Yutaro Kato (Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 2019) 10 November 11, 2019